An introductory course on Software Engineering

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Introduction to SW Engineeting

DISCLAIMER: This material is heavily inspired by (and sometimes copied with permission from) the UW’s CSE403 course by René Just.

This intro to Software Engineering is project-based as we believe you’ll take a lot more from the short lectures if you practice the discussed concepts and principleds. There is a catch: the project is a vehicle, not the outcome. Your ability to deal with the tools and techniques created throughout the history of Software Engineering is the place you should pay attention to.


Let’s get this out of the way: What is Software Engineering?

  1. A more formal way to see it: “an engineering discipline (hence, uses science to improve applicability and efficiency) that is concerned with all aspects of software production.” — Ian Sommerville
  2. The way we will kind of see it here: a set of principles to design, develop, maintain, test, and evaluate computer software.
  3. Also: A whole research field that study what such principles are and what tools can support to deliver better software.



INFO: If you are a Husky (UW student) taking the Sping 2023 offer of CSE403, check out our Homepage HERE!