An introductory course on Software Engineering

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Welcome, Huskies!

In this page you should find the pointers for basic info to participate and succeed as a student in this course.


The Spring 2023 offer will start on Mar 27th and will end on Jun 2nd

Lectures: Mon/Wed/Fri 12:30pm--1:20pm (Room: CSE2 G10)
Team meetings: Tue 1:30pm--2:20pm (Room: CSE2 G10)
Project meetings: Thu 1:30pm--2:20pm (Room: CSE2 G10) 


Instructor: Nigini Oliveira (nigini(at)cs.washington.edu; OH: after class and by appointment)
TA: Reshabh K Sharma (reshabh(at)cs.washington.edu; OH: by appointment)
TA: Vinay Reddy Varadha Pally (vpally@uw.edu; OH: by appointment)
TA: Sahil Verma (vsahil@cs.washington.edu; OH: by appointment)
TA: Mingyuan Zhong (myzhong@cs.washington.edu; OH: by appointment)
TA: Apollo Zhu (zhuzhiyu@cs.washington.edu; OH: by appointment)


Please check HERE how we use the following channels: