An introductory course on Software Engineering

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Course project: Final release


Finalize your group project, take additional (peer-review) feedback into account, and record a demo of the final release of your system together with a group reflection on your project experience.

Set up

Work with your project group to (1) finalize your group project and (2) record a demo of your project, including a group reflection.


1. Finalize your project (50%)

  1. Complete the implementation of your project in your GitHub repository.

  2. Based on the provided instructions in the top-level README.md file, anyone should be able to understand the purpose of the project and easily find instructions for building, testing, and running the system without issues.

  3. You are also expected to address the feedback from the peer review comments.

  4. Complete this in the main branch of your repository by due date. (Check Calendar!)

2. Record a demo and group reflection (50%)

Record a demo and group reflection presentation that’s 16-20 minutes long and in which all members participate in some way.

Your presentation should have two parts:

  1. The actual demo of the system (8-10 minutes). Focus on the final system and how a user interacts with it for the majority of this time; afterwards, you may also highlight some key accomplishments and technical challenges.

  2. A reflection on the overall group project (8-10 minutes). This part of your presentation should address and reflect on the following:

  1. Upload your recorded presentation to youtube.com as an unlisted video (detailed instructions here).

  2. Submit a link to your video presentation to Canvas by due date. (Check Calendar!)