An introductory course on Software Engineering

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Course project: Alpha release


Solidify your toolchain and processes, implement the core components, and demo a first release of your project.

Set up

Work with your project group to (1) solidify your toolchain and processes, (2) provide an initial documentation, and (3) record a first demo of your project.


1. Solidify your toolchain, processes, and instructions (40%)

We expect proper use of version control, including coherent commits with descriptive commit messages.

2. Implement and integrate first versions of all your system’s major components (40%)

3. Record a short demo and reflection (20%)

Your presentation should have two parts:

  1. A demo of your prototype (9-11 minutes). Focus on the operational use case(s), highlight major accomplishments, and discuss open challenges.

  2. A reflection on the current experience (3-4 minutes). This part of your presentation should include three slides that reflect on (1) process and timeline, (2) architecture and design, and (3) testing and tooling. For each, briefly motivate your initial plan and state whether you made changes, and if so what they were.

Further requirements:

  1. Upload your recorded presentation to youtube.com as an unlisted video (detailed instructions here) and submit a link to your presentation to Canvas by the same due date. (Check Calendar!!!)


What are improper uses of version control?

Not adequately utilizing version control. For example, few, enormous commits that contain almost all of the source code reflect an improper use of version control and will lead to point deductions.