The Problem

There are an abundance of technologies available to those with hearing impairments today that aim to help these individuals get around the obstacles posed by their disability. However, while many of these devices are successful in bridging the communication gap, there are usually numerous intermediate steps that need to be satisfied to provide these individuals with “seamless” conversation; this puts them at a disadvantage because of communication difficulties.

We want to provide a product that not only seamlessly fits into people’s lives, but also has a longer reach and scope than existing solutions. Rather than a “solution” to hearing impairments, we seek to create a product that can function as a supplementary tool using modern technology that we have today.


Our Idea: See CC

See CC is a hands-free smart glasses device, providing real-time closed captions of conversations for users with hearing impairments. It aims to remove the intermediate steps that the current solutions require, and help you focus on what's most important: being fully engaged in a conversation.

Design Process

Our Design Process


Video Prototype



Solution Description

Presentation Slide Deck

High-Fidelity Prototype


Meet Our Incredible Team

Here are the team members involved in the designing process of See CC.